• Production Department

    Providing Solutions to Packaging, Shrink Wrap, Hand Assembly, and Rework/Repackaging Needs: Please call Howard Rice today at 503-848-4304 to discuss your next project.
    Our business model includes the following:

        Project Management - Oversee the details of your project
        Local Material Sourcing - Work with a proven vendor network
        Responsive – Reliable turnaround
        Service - Commitment to good communication

    Packaging: TVW specializes in manual or “secondary” packaging and assembly services utilizing skilled disabled personnel that many other plants do not. This might include shrink wrapping, hand assembly, counting, master carton packing, variety packaging and more. Knowing and understanding customers’ needs has enabled TVW to build a solid reputation for providing reliable results for shrink wrapping, packaging and assembly projects. With our cost-efficient operation and capacity to help you with your project we can respond quickly to provide you with a solution that can potentially save you money. Give us a call to discuss more about our capabilities to meet your contract assembly and shrink wrap needs.
    Rework/Repackaging: If you have a need for on-time special rework projects please call us. We are set up to begin your rework and packaging project as soon as possible.

    Many of the rework projects provided include but are not limited to:

        Component removal and repackaging
        Visual inspection
        Unpacking and repackaging
        Repackaging imported units
        Replacing outdated packaging
        Inspection services
        Unwrapping and rewrapping

    What TVW Production customers are saying.....

    Living Dreams, Inc.,

    Emmanuel Lemor

    “TVW is great, flexible, capable, and you get the sense that they truly care
    about your business."

    Krista Hanson

    Special needs Teacher and Foster Mom

    “I am very much a huge supporter of TVW for many reasons, the main one, my foster son absolutely is blossoming (quite opposite of when he was in my classroom) and for that I have a huge investment, passion and warm spot for TVW. This isn't just a job but provides structure, consistency, support and the social integration and extended family he so longs for!” 

    For more information:

    Howard Rice, Sales and Production Manager (503) 848-4304