Our mission:  To assist jobseekers in their efforts to find and engage in Community Integrated Employment which is aligned with their individual Career Development Plans.

Our Vision:With the right supports, everyone who chooses to do so - contributes to their community through integrated employment.


Discovery/Career Exploration Services:This is a person-centered, time-limited, employment planning service that is intended to enhance job development.  It can help an individual obtain, maintain, or advance in a competitive integrated employment setting at or above minimum wage. Activities in the service can vary but are intended to “discover” an individual’s interests, strengths, abilities, transferable skills, and conditions for success.  The specific outcome of this service is the development of a person-centered “Discovery Profile” that will aid in the planning and search for integrated employment.  Ideally the service would result in a referral or application to OVRS for additional services.  

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Employment Path Services:These services are for individuals who have an employment goal, and will benefit from some element of specialized training or skill development for general or non-job- task-specific strengths and skills.  Desired training or skill development should be identified in the job seeker’s Individual Support Plan (ISP) and a connection should be made as to how it will lead to integrated competitive employment. These services should improve the job seekers employability in the general workforce through learning and work experience, and may include volunteer opportunities. The individual can develop general strengths and skills that may broaden the scope of potential work situations.  The optimal outcome of these services is sustained paid employment and work experience leading to further career development and individual integrated employment.

Job Development/Placement:TVW is concerned with long-term employment success and accomplishes this by assisting the job seeker in developing a career plan that identifies desired employment themes and assisting them with a job placement within the scope of the plan.  Job seekers are involved in every aspect of the job development/placement process.  They are encouraged and expected to enlist help from their networks and contacts in connection with the process to assist the career development specialist with designing developing and implementing the support strategies that will lead to successful placement.  In addition, job seekers are encouraged and expected to assist in the job analysis process and actively learn about the career and/or specific job they are hoping to find.  The expected outcome of this service is community integrated employment at or above minimum wage.

 Job Coaching/Support:These services are available as Individual Supported Employment Services and are provided for individuals who need ongoing support to obtain and maintain a job in an integrated community setting.  This service can also include support for self-employment. The expected outcome is sustained paid employment in an integrated, competitive job at or above minimum wage.

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Our Values:

Choice:A conviction that everyone deserves the opportunity to make choices concerning their own employment

Presumption of Employability:A conviction that everyone, regardless of the level or the type of disability, has the capability to do a job and the right to have a job.

Person Centered Supports:  A conviction that supports must be driven by people’s identified goals and aspirations and designed to assist them to realize their ambitions.

Self-Determination:A conviction that people are free to choose and regulate their own employment supports and services.

Focus on Capacity and Capabilities:A conviction that people should be viewed in terms of their abilities, strengths, and interests rather than their disabilities.

Importance of Community:A conviction that People need to be connected to the formal and informal networks of a community for acceptance, growth, and development.

Full Community Inclusion:A conviction that all people, regardless of ability or disability should be welcomed into the mainstream of community life.

Importance of Relationships:A conviction that relationships both at, and away from, work, are foundational to mutual respect, acceptance, and lead to better lives.

Natural Supports:A conviction that successful employment requires the development of a full range of supports found both in the workplace and in the community.

Integrity to these principles and values will allow us to maintain the focus of all stakeholders on the ultimate outcome of our services: Community Integrated Employment.

Referral from County, Brokerage, or Vocational Rehabilitation is required to receive services.  Call Emily Johnson at (503) 848-4305 for more information.


“TVW, Inc. provides personalized coaching for our employee. The support and follow up from TVW, Inc. has been extremely helpful during both the hiring and training process. Thanks to their services we have a great new staff member who is well trained and confident in their abilities.”

Les Davis,

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"So grateful for the help from TVW. If you aren't familiar with the organization - check them out. Partnering job seekers with appropriate jobs!"

Lindsy Rich

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Below are some interview questions with two supervisors at HIllsboro Parks and Rec about their TVW job placement, MB, and their experience with hiring someone with a disability and what it has brought to their workplace and culture.

 1.  How has working with MB changed the culture of Hillsboro Parks and Rec? 

     "I believe that he has allowed people to see that everybody wants to be needed and contribute."-John

     "People are more accepting of people with challenges in life."-Benjamin

2.  What has MB done for your team?

     "Besides all the hard work, his amazing attitude has rubbed off on those around him."-John

     "MB has brought more patience and understanding to our team."-Benjamin

3.  What task/event/or moment stands out the most that MB has accomplished since working for HIllsboro Parks and Rec?

     "That he is always happy to be here."-John

     "He is really good at mowing!"-Benjamin

4.  How has MB personally effected your view on supported employment?"

     "It made me aware that any of us could find ourselves in the position of having our capability reduced, and that we would still want to make a valuable contribution and not be cast aside."-John

    "Everyone needs self-worth and an opportunity to give to the community.  I am glad a program auch as this exists."-Benjamin

5.  What words best describe MB when he is at work?


     "He's motivated and anxious to get to work.  Excited."-Benjamin

6.  Any additional comments/input?

     "Matthew is a classic example of "Don't judge someone's capability by your first impression."-John

     "I enjoy working with Matthew and I appreciate his motivation and wanting to work!"-Benjamin

MB has been employed with HIllsboro Parks and Rec since Summer 2016.