The Vanguard division of TVW is a community inclusion program for adults with developmental disabilities.  Vanguard encourages activities that maximize opportunities for participants to build positive relationships with others in their community, based on their individual interests and personal choice.

Vanguard Community Inclusion Specialists that are dedicated to taking our clients out into the community to gain independence and and enrich their lives.

In-house participants enjoy interacting with peers, gaining new friendships and learning new skills, such as candle-making, crochet, arts and crafts, computer skills.

People with disabilities who enjoy exploring and developing new hobbies and friendships will find Vanguard to be a satisfying and enjoyable environment.

Participants must be referred by the county or a brokerage to receive services.  Contact Samantha Holley at (503) 649-8571, ext. 1008 for more information.